Low-Buy and No-Buy Year Tips

Nike Up Tempo USA … Hey, everyone! Is it getting warm in the place where you live? Here in Indonesia is rainy season since 2 months ago. Almost everyday is raining, but the weather is still humid and hot. Such a horrible combination. It makes me don’t want to go out because as soon as … Read moreLow-Buy and No-Buy Year Tips

Try High-End Products while Saving Money

Nike Up Tempo USA … Hello! In today’s post, I am going to share with you a trend in beauty community that I saw in my country, Indonesia. I don’t know whether this trend is actually happening in other countries too or not, and as I’m writing this post, I haven’t done any research about … Read moreTry High-End Products while Saving Money

Things I Would’ve Bought: January 2019

Nike Up Tempo USA … Hey, everyone! I can’t believe we are already at the beginning of February 2019! How is your new year’s resolution going on so far? I hope everything’s still on track for you! For me, as you know that I’m doing a low-buy year this year, so far I think I’m … Read moreThings I Would’ve Bought: January 2019

I was Reborn

Nike Up Tempo USA … Hey, everyone! This is my first post after this blog was officially changed from ‘Atashi no Hanashi’ to ‘Unpretty Vanity’. If you want to know what this blog will be about from now on, please do check section ‘About’ on the menu! On this post, I will tell you why … Read moreI was Reborn