Super Easy Way to Make A Sushi Roll

Nike Up Tempo USA … Hey, everyone! First of all, no, you are not opening a wrong blog. This is still me, Unpretty Vanity, and this time I want to share with you something a little bit different than what I usually write. But of course, this blog ain’t gonna change to a recipe blog. … Read moreSuper Easy Way to Make A Sushi Roll

Day 13: Thing I am Excited About

Nike Up Tempo USA … Sebenernya saya agak bingung, apa ya bedanya “thing I am excited about” dengan “things that make me really happy”. Toh keduanya sama-sama membuat senang atau bersemangat 😀 Karena buat saya yg membuat saya senang itu ya otomatis membuat saya semangat, begitupun sebaliknya 😀 Mungkin temen2 di sini yg sudah ngikutin … Read moreDay 13: Thing I am Excited About

New Halal Restaurants in Japan – Review

Nike Up Tempo USA … Alhamdulillah, in only this month (February 2015), I had the opportunity to visit three new halal restaurants in Japan, due to accompany some of my guests who were on vacation here. I am really glad that the growth of Islam in Japan shows promising direction, despite some not-so-good news about … Read moreNew Halal Restaurants in Japan – Review